Cancelled: Women's Spirituality Panel featuring Tenora J. Simoñez and Suzan Strader

***Unfortuately, this event has been cancelled.***

Women's Spirituality Panel featuring Tenora J. Simoñez and Suzan Strader

Monday 3/16, 7 pm

We think we’re safe. We are confident and relatively secure. Then SOMETHING happens. Where do we go for answers? How do we begin to address the issue? What can connecting, once again, with our spiritual selves do to help us? Come hear two women whose books have grappled with this. You will quite possibly discover some of your own answers.
The latest buzz-word seems to be Power. Books, articles and presentations all advise us how to grab our own power. What if, behind all this effort, we were to discover that we already possess it? Spiritual Power is the core of our existence, allowing all that we desire and do. This is the connection we have with everything. Connecting to our spiritual power offers the energy to accomplish all that we can imagine. It’s time to activate it!

About A Legacy of Hate by Tenora J. Simoñez:

There are two sides to every story, and then there is the truth. A Legacy of Hate: The First Generation exposes the absolute truth, not sides of the truth in relations to generational practices such as witchcraft, rootwork, curses, and ethnic secrets in rural South Carolina. These rituals are passed through generations from mothers to daughters. In this book, two families are examined, the Youngbloods and the Greens. A Legacy of Hate: The First Generation examines and uncovers the lives of two distinctly different women with diverse maternal styles: Nyla, a passive and gentle mother of seven; and Marbel, a woman who is determined to undo the mistakes of her past and secure favorable futures for her daughters, by any means necessary.

A Legacy of Hate: The First Generation is an evocative portrait of the selfish treachery of women who covet the fortunes of others. It is an poignant tale of duplicity and sabotage between women vying for advantage in two Southern families. This engrossing book is a vivid portrait of the fraught relationships between a community of women seeking advantage to the detriment of others.

About Incident, Not Accident by Suzan Strader:

Under the wheel of her truck, without breath or pulse, and in and out of consciousness, Suzan realized this “accident” was actually a gift. Forced to face the circumstances of her new life in this moment, Suzan learned to see life in a new way. In changing her perspective, Suzan looks back at her life, and shares how she came to be where she is now. She offers sound principles for readers to “get in the swing” to untwist their own lives.

Dr. Tenora J. Simoñez was born in upstate New York to an African-American mother and Puerto-Rican father. At three years old, she experienced the tragic loss of her mother due to an automobile accident. From that eventful day forward, she became connected to a spiritual plane that opened her eyes and ears to the ways of the world. She learned, early in life, how important a mother’s presence is to her children, and without a mother’s protection, how cruel people can be, especially family members.
Tenora studied and received degrees in English, Secondary/English Education, eventually completing a doctoral degree in Education Administration. She spent over ten years developing tutorial programs and teaching models to assist students in passing standardized tests, and she has published a book entitled, The Forgotten Ones: Perceptions of Faculty and Staff in Remedial Education Programs at HBCUs. She was a professor of English and Communications for various universities in the University System of Georgia. Tenora lives in the American southeast and loves to connect with readers.

Certified by Loyola Marymount University, Suzan Strader is a spiritual director and a life coach. As a teacher of contemporary spirituality, she has a passion for being a resource to those seeking a deeper perspective on life to become all they are meant to be. Suzan’s passion drives her work in authenticity, intention, compassion, and acceptance for all people. She and her husband currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Event date: 
Monday, March 16, 2020 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
752 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514