Lynne Hinton reads from The View From Here

7pm Thurs 7/19

Lynne Hinton reads from her novel The View From Here

Katie Sinclair climbed up a loblolly pine just to see if she could. And then she stayed, creating a media sensation and more than a little trouble for the folks in Jones County, North Carolina. There is a lot of speculation about why the state employee took to the tree. Some think she is making a political statement about the destruction of forests for urban development. Others believe her recent divorce has driven her to a nervous breakdown. But the truth is she's living in a tree because she needs a new perspective. She needs a wider view of a life that had somehow become tedious and small. From her perch high above, Katie deals with the deputy who keeps being sent to try and talk her down, a brutal spring storm, well-meaning environmentalists, odd and interesting townspeople, a pair of protective horned owls, a mysterious reporter, and even some dangerous "boys" sent by a local developer whose plans demand removal of her tree. There is plenty for Katie to take in while living in a tree. The View From Here is her story. Author Lynne Hinton's elegant, effortless prose shows us as if we were on the landing beside Katie what Katie is seeing and learning about birds, sky, wind, her neighbors and other people. But she -- and us with her, her reader -- is changed primarily by what she discovers about herself, about grief and forgiveness, and about the true love that has been in front of her for most of her life. No reader will be unmoved by the imaginative conceit of this novel or its wise, lyrical, and empathetic telling crafted by a master writer.


"In this inspirational page-turner, Lynne Hinton captures the dilemma of Kate Sinclair, who finds herself in the wilderness, both literally and metaphorically, in the age-old struggle with grief, heartbreak, and estrangement. Kate's journey belongs to all of us, a beautiful testament to the truths that nature offers, and the courage it takes to seek the answers. The View from Here is a profound story full of wisdom and grace from a master storyteller.”

 — Sandra King, author of The Sunday Wife


"Lynne Hinton is a born storyteller, here at the top of her form, writing with compassion and understanding.” — Lee Smith, author of The Last Girls

"Lynne Hinton’s novel about finding strength of spirit and forgiveness in a thicket of loblolly pines is the sort of book Henry David Thoreau would likely appreciate. I know I did. A beautiful work.” —Michael Morris, author of Man in the Blue Moon, Slow Way Home and A Place Called Wiregrass

"What a joy to be transported into Katie Sinclair’s world, in which her curiosity and knowledge of the rare make her an inadvertent heroine. Courageous in the face of many threats  — human, animal, and natural -- Katie emerges as a model for the contemporary woman situated in the crosshairs of competing interests. Hinton’s prose is sure and elegant.” —Lynn Pruett, author of Ruby River

"Lynne Hinton writes about the kind of life we all dream of having – abiding friendships, deep roots, and love no-matter-what.” — Philip Gulley, author of The Harmony Series

"Lynne Hinton is a masterful storyteller who understands the human heart.” —Darien Gee, international bestselling author of The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society



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Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 7:00pm
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