Research Methods: A Practical Guide For Students And Researchers (Kobo eBook)

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For many students, doing research is often a joyless struggle. This book provides practical advice on how to do research in a concise way. It uses classic examples to show how experts conduct their research in different fields, allowing this book to be used in different disciplines.Research Methods: A Practical Guide for Students and Researchers provides a practical guide to students and researchers on how to do their research systematically and professionally. The book begins by distinguishing between causal and interpretive sciences. It then guides the reader on how to formulate the research question, review the literature, develop the hypothesis or theoretical framework, select a suitable research methodology, and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data.The book emphasizes integration. It does not merely provide a smorgasbord of research designs, data collection methods, and ways to analyze data. Instead, it shows how one can integrate these elements into a coherent research strategy.

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ISBN-13: 9789813229600
Publisher: World Scientific
Publication Date: July 27th, 2017