Coding for Kids: 2 Books in 1: Python and Scratch 3.0 Programming to Master Your Coding Skills and Create Your Own Animations and Games (Paperback)

Coding for Kids: 2 Books in 1: Python and Scratch 3.0 Programming to Master Your Coding Skills and Create Your Own Animations and Games Cover Image
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The world of programming can seem to be dull and boring, and it's hard to keep children interested. That's why Python is a good programming language to start with, as it is easy to learn and through it, children can express their creativity. This book in particular was designed to bring programming closer to its young audience, and inspire them to conduct their own research in the future. The unique and interesting examples used in this fun book will keep the reader's attention at its peak.

In the chapters of this book you will find puzzles that will make you think and train your brain to work like a true programmer. By the end of the book, you will have a basic understanding which will get you started in the world of programming, and you will feel encouraged to go wrestle with your own ideas and code. Above all, Coding for Kids in Python will inspire you to grow and become an independent young programmer who isn't afraid to continue learning.

Coding for Kids in Python will teach you how to use the fundamental data structures such as variables and functions. You will also learn how to organize your code and even reuse it in your future projects. Using loops and conditional statements will become a breeze, and the Python Turtle module will give you the opportunity to draw shapes and patterns.

With Coding for Kids in Python, you will learn basic knowledge which will help you create games, animations, programs, and web-based applications. The possibilities are endless and they should be available to everyone, including kids


Scratch is the ideal introduction to programming for children of all ages This step by step guide will teach kids the fundamentals of programming and how to create a variety of projects using Scratch 3.0.

Coding for Kids in Scratch 3.0 is an educational book that provides a solid understanding of common coding techniques and concepts that can be later applied when learning other programming languages like Python.

Kids will learn that programming is an exciting, creative activity, which can be fun to learn when using the most popular coding tool for children.

Start by gaining an understanding about how programs work and learn about other programming languages. Not all languages are created equally, and this book will give you a summarized explanation of how they work.

Next, learn the basic programming principles with step by step explanations using Scratch. This guide will show you how to install Scratch and how to set up your development environment. The sooner you start coding, the better.

What else is inside this book?

You will learn how to program by working on real projects. Create graphical elements, manipulate audio effects, create a story book, animate sprites, and develop games

Computer coding for kids has never been easier or more accessible. Add Coding for Kids in Scratch 3.0 to your collection and begin your programming journey today

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