Anne's House of Dreams (Paperback)

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"Thanks be, I'm done with geometry, learning or teaching it," said Anne Shirley, a triflevindictively, as she thumped a somewhat battered volume of Euclid into a big chest of books, banged the lid in triumph, and sat down upon it, looking at Diana Wright across the GreenGables garret, with gray eyes that were like a morning sky.The garret was a shadowy, suggestive, delightful place, as all garrets should be. Through theopen window, by which Anne sat, blew the sweet, scented, sun-warm air of the Augustafternoon; outside, poplar boughs rustled and tossed in the wind; beyond them were the woods, where Lover's Lane wound its enchanted path, and the old apple orchard which still bore its rosyharvests munificently. And, over all, was a great mountain range of snowy clouds in the bluesouthern sky. Through the other window was glimpsed a distant, white-capped, blue sea-thebeautiful St. Lawrence Gulf, on which floats, like a jewel, Abegweit, whose softer, sweeterIndian name has long been forsaken for the more prosaic one of Prince Edward Islan.

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ISBN: 9798664087994
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 6th, 2020
Pages: 224
Language: English