Factors influencing the behavior of school students in the pre-adolescent age (Paperback)

Factors influencing the behavior of school students in the pre-adolescent age By Peeyusha Maheshwari Cover Image
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INTRODUCTIONThe words 'Ages' and 'Stages' are generally used to sketch out key periods of human development and growth. The child growth starts with a biological foundation and grows up in a family. Physical growth depends on its biological basis; but all other main developmental aspects including physical, intellectual, language and social - emotional etc. depends upon the members of family earlier, the teacher environment, and the fellow pupils in the school later. In short, development means a progressive series of change in an orderly rational pattern. In development, changes are not subject to quantitative measurements but express them through assured pattern. (CHOC, 2020) As per Armstrong, (2007), physically there are various stages in the life of an individual, which incorporates pre-natal, birth, neo-natal, infant stages, childhood, youth and adulthood. Physical development goes on repeatedly that hardly pay any particular attention to it. One third of our life is spent in physical development. Whatever the child thinks, feels, and says. It also relates with his physical development, and the child behaves according to the stage of his physical development. The growth and development of a child can be divided into twelve periods, out of which six major periods are as following: - 1. Infant age 2. Early childhood 3. Childhood 4. Pre-adolescence 5. Adolescence 6. Maturity Among these stages adolescence have a significant role. it is a period of moving from the puerile conduct of adolescence into the development of adulthood. Adolescence is gotten from the Latin word 'adolescere ', signifying, "To grow immunity". It is the.

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