Retrain Your Brain: Using Biblical Meditation To Purify Toxic Thoughts (Hardcover)

Retrain Your Brain: Using Biblical Meditation To Purify Toxic Thoughts By Scott Silverii Cover Image
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Our society is littered with the barbed hooks of sexually explicit imagery and seductive temptation. Simply telling yourself not to look or think about dark thoughts is not going to help you break free from the stranglehold. Everywhere we turn, women and men are engaged in a war being waged for our attention through temptation. The cost of this battle is the corruption of our minds.

You have the authority to control your way of thinking. Retrain Your Brain gives you the resource to accomplish it. Don't give up It's never too late to rewire the way your mind's thoughts fire. The process of focusing your thinking toward a positive, winning process is the same for men, women, single, married, old or young. Our brains are a complex and incredible miracle, and we can learn to clear the clutter.

Dr. Scott Silverii goes straight to the heart of the problem in this practical battle plan for retraining your brain. You'll understand the enemy like never before and begin to identify the streams used to launch attacks against your mind. Developing mental armor against those attacks will help you break free from the chains of sexual temptation. You can live in victory, and it all begins with the way you think.

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ISBN: 9781951129613
ISBN-10: 195112961X
Publisher: Five Stones
Publication Date: January 12th, 2021
Pages: 120
Language: English