Narcissistic Abuse Recovery: Survive Toxic relationships with mother, father and partner. Understand Narcissism (Paperback)

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery: Survive Toxic relationships with mother, father and partner. Understand Narcissism Cover Image
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How do you know that your partner, colleague, or accomplice is narcissistic?

Do you struggle with balancing your emotions and letting other people in?

What are healthy relationships?

What are toxic relationships?

In reality, the narcissist is a person who wishes for a deeper level of emotional connection, which is a requirement that they are unable to understand or accept. Because of all of these needs that the narcissist refuses to accept, or is unable to meet, they tend to have misguided desires. Ultimately, the narcissist is only able to get the attention they require from others through charismatic, appealing, but unsettling habits.

Emerging studies are now finding a new subtype of NPD; they are calling them the malignant narcissist. These narcissists are characterized by the typical traits of narcissistic personality disorder; however, they are very anti-social, extremely paranoid and take satisfaction in their aggression and sadism towards others.

Self-preservation is one of the things that narcissists love. They will do everything to protect their interests and their interests always come first, above everyone else's. You too, can learn how to protect yourself. If you are an empath, learning to set boundaries and respect them is the first step. You cannot fix everyone. Some people are beyond help.

Stay strong as you focus on taking care of yourself and focus on creating the life that you want. Never give up on yourself and remember that you deserve everything that the world has to offer you.

Remember to fully recover from a narcissistic relationship, you must take responsibility for your part in the relationship. Acceptance is a tough thing to do, but it is essential to healing, and that's the last step and the last lesson you must learn from this experience-learn to accept.

This book is for people not only in an abusive or toxic romantic relationship but also for people who are in a bad position or relationship with a platonic partner or with a member of their family. Abuse can come from anywhere and being prepared for that abuse is difficult. This book serves to help you be prepared and know more about the tactics that an abuser might use on you, and how you can defend yourself against them.

This book covers following topics

  • Recognize Narcissism
  • Healthy Relationships Vs. Toxic Relationships
  • Identify the type of Narcissist You Are Dealing With
  • What Is Narcissistic Abuse And What Causes It?
  • Living With One, Dealing With One
  • How to Build Healthier Relationships and Deal With People

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