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Jesus: A New Vision is a completely new look at the life of Jesus, what happened after his crucifixion and how his story completely overturned the old pagan religion of the Roman empire and altered history. It draws on the latest archaeology and scientific research to develop a new vision that neither asserts his divinity nor dismisses him as a secular phenomenon, but rather looks at his humanity-and ours-in an entirely new way.

It is neither a Christian book nor an anti-Christian book. It is not a secular book either, but advocates that Jesus lived his life not to show us that he was God, but rather to show us that he was truly human, and leave behind the message that we can also embrace our full humanity, including the hidden powers of miracle and rebirth that have made us assume that he was a god.

Who was Jesus and who were the people, barely mentioned in the gospels, who aided him through his passion? Who was the woman in Bethany who anointed him with Nard, and why did she do it? Who owned the Upper Room? Who was the boy who ran away at Gethsemane and who was the man sitting at the tomb when the women found it empty?

If Jesus reappeared after the crucifixion, why did he keep his presence secret? And what is the incredible message of the Shroud of Turin, not only about Jesus, but about all of us?

After Saul was blinded on the road to Damascus he reappeared weeks later as Paul the Apostle, one of the greatest theologians in history. Who educated him in Damascus?

In this magisterial work, Whitley Strieber takes the story of Jesus from his birth through his heretofore hidden childhood to his crucifixion and beyond, into the almost miraculous Christianization of the Roman Empire with all its attendant horrors, and offers a new vision of Jesus as a teacher and the source of a great human empowerment that was buried when the doctrine known as the Nicene Creed was adopted.

Jesus: A New Vision-the only book of its kind. Like Warday, Communion, Nature's End, Superstorm and A New World, another astonishing Whitley Strieber breakthrough book.

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ISBN: 9781734202854
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Publisher: Walker & Collier
Publication Date: February 26th, 2021
Pages: 278
Language: English