Trade or Die: Master The Discipline of The Market (Hardcover)

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A lot of traders take loses because of a few different aspects. The game is about understanding what's going on and then executing. If you can not read your charts, it will be hard to be a profitable trader. Hire someone who trades and let them do it for you. If you want to take on the journey, take the complexity out of it. Trading is just as easy as baking a cake. If your mind just refused to believe that, there's your problem. This book will open your mind to new possibilities.

Trading before the late 1900s was much much simpler. There were bar charts, and then a Japanese rice trader introduced Japanese candlesticks. Price action was invented in the late 1800s. In Trade or Die, Tyler K. Moore not only simplifies this concept even more, but adds multiple plans to accomplish payouts.

This book just has 7 chapters. Its layout is A-Z. The beginning goes through the mental develop, goes into trading plans, finance, then strategy. Tyler shares his sniper set up routines, supply and demand zones, candlestick patterns and much more. You should develop a technical strategy, master the discipline of the market, and create a system of cashflow.

A logistical guide to achieving success trading the forex, crypto, and/or stock market.

About the Author

From Long Beach to Wall Street. Writing has always been a passion for TY. Tyler K. Moore continues to create educational extravagance in ways that stretch the imagination. Growing up in Long Beach, CA on the Westside life was different. It wasn't until Tyler got to high school where he discovered his true self at Long Beach Poly. Fell in love with entertainment and the rest was history. Being an artist or entertainer you're in the search for funding. Some get signed and others hustle until they have enough money. That's Tyler's story.

Forex was the catalyst to launching a streamline effect. He was able to use forex and the marketplace to establish a dominant name and force "Tyllionaire". There are many artist on the verge of making money with their audience. Through forex, TY has been able to accomplish this and change thousands of lives financially. Whether it be through YouTube livestreams, music, educational sketches, full video lesson plans online, he plans to continue to create. These books will serve as a stepping stone of Tyler's life. A footprint into the libraries across the world.

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