Hydrogen Medicine: Combining Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Co2 (Paperback)

Hydrogen Medicine: Combining Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Co2 Cover Image
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This book will explore hydrogen gas, hydrogen water, oxygen (O2), and carbon dioxide (CO2). Combining these gases will usher in a new age of medicine where the impossible becomes possible. Hydrogen is serious medicine, and so is oxygen and carbon dioxide. All three gases are nutritional and are of enormous help to people with pain, disease, and cancer. Hydrogen allows the body to function and breathe under stress. And it allows for quicker healing and recovery than when oxygen alone is used. The sicker a person is, the more they will experience the benefits of hydrogen. Hydrogen can be flooded into the body to put out the worst flames of inflammation and oxidative stress. The longer one wants to live, the more one supplements with these primary gases. The most powerful healing/medical/anti-aging device in the world is a hydrogen oxygen inhaler.

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ISBN: 9781663223500
ISBN-10: 1663223505
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: June 15th, 2021
Pages: 366
Language: English