Minimalism Room by Room: A Customized Plan to Declutter Your Home and Simplify Your Life (Paperback)

Minimalism Room by Room: A Customized Plan to Declutter Your Home and Simplify Your Life By Elizabeth Enright Phillips Cover Image
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Discover the beauty of less and focus on what really matters

The minimalist lifestyle promotes peace and intentionality through the act of decluttering. This indispensable manual uses inspiration, positive reinforcement, and an efficient room-by-room guide to lead you from cluttered living to clarity of purpose.

What sets this book apart:
  • The fundamentals of minimalism—This life-changing how-to book illuminates the principles and benefits of minimalism, and provides a blueprint for realizing a less stressful life by prioritizing relationships over objects.
  • Simple steps to declutter—With easy, actionable strategies, Minimalism Room by Room eases you into the process of eliminating the excess, so tidying up is a manageable and rewarding experience.
  • Tips and resources—This book provides organization tools to make embracing minimalism easier, such as checklists, sorting guides, and guidance to help get past inevitable emotional and physical obstacles.

Learn to live a life of purpose and calm by owning less and appreciating more with Minimalism Room by Room.

About the Author

ELIZABETH ENRIGHT PHILLIPS is a professional financial and minimalism coach. She helps clients in their decluttering journey by creating simplicity in their home and stability in their finances. Elizabeth blogs about minimalist strategies at She lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Praise For…

"Minimalism Room by Room brings under one cover the best of dozens of decluttering and minimalism books that have populated my shelves in recent years. Elizabeth brings wise counsel, a gentle heart, and a practical methodology. Reading this book is like having a supportive friend alongside my decluttering process whispering 'You can do it, and I’ll show you how.'"—Kendra Brodin, MSW, JD, Professional and Personal Development Trainer, Speaker, and Writer,

"An AMAZING resource! Elizabeth has created a clear and simple guidebook on how to embrace less stuff in order to enjoy a more rich and joyful life. As an interior decorator, I am SO excited about this book. I'll be recommending it to all of my clients!"—Elizabeth Cruze, Interior Decorator

"Minimalism/decluttering is the ultimate stress relieving and self-care activity that people can do for themselves and their families. Minimalism Room by Room gives you the tools to start slowly and effectively, creating healthy simplicity for you and those around you." —Jessica Kruse, Herbalist and Holistic RN

Product Details
ISBN: 9781641529679
ISBN-10: 1641529679
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: January 14th, 2020
Pages: 210
Language: English