Start a Small Business: 25+ Tips for Starting and Running a Small Business Successfully (Paperback)

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So you have big dreams of being a large business owner? You think you have great ideas that need to be listened to, and the ability to lead a team in the direction of accomplishing a common goal? Do you have all kinds of plans for expansion and have you set goals for yourself that you know you can accomplish if you only have the chance to do it? If any of these answers are yes, then you need to look no further. This book is going to show you all of the ins and outs of small business. From what you can expect when you are first starting out to hiring and firing employees to growing your business even more in the future, you aren't going to need any other book or business plan besides this one. Don't ever listen to anyone that tells you that small business ownership is too hard. It comes with its own set of challenges, but if you are willing to work at it and stick with it in the early stages, you are going to watch it grow from something small into something bigger than you ever thought that it would. Or perhaps you always knew that it would get big, you just needed direction on how to start. When you are starting a small business, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind and make sure you do, these things can be minor, or major, but it is equally important that you get all of them done if you have a hope of succeeding in this realm. Don't worry, this book has your back every step of the way: - Showing you how to be an effective leader - Reminding you of what you need to do legally - Providing you with tons of inspiring ideas and motivation - Common tips and tricks of the trade, no matter what your trade is - And more.

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ISBN: 9781522706175
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Publication Date: December 11th, 2015
Pages: 68
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