A Look Back in Time: Memoir of a Military Kid in the 50s, Vol. II (Paperback)

A Look Back in Time: Memoir of a Military Kid in the 50s, Vol. II Cover Image
By Jr. Lee, Bernard N., Temika Grooms (Cover Design by), Michele Barard (Editor)
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I remember walking along the railroad tracks near Grandma Mitchell's farm in Big Island, Virginia when I was five years old and wishing I could fol-low them to far-away places. No one who has ever lived near railroad tracks ever forgets that feeling. Now, as I look back in time, that feeling is still there; so are the memories of all the places I traveled as a military kid with my dad. Of all those memories, none is more vivid than the three years we spent together as a military family in the late-1950's living in Germany. It was a magical time to be a kid living in a far-away place experiencing the life and culture of Deutschland. The places we traveled, the people we met, and the stories I remember are shared in this memoir.

"Bernard needed a fresh start; one with a clean slate. He was looking forward to getting his chance at the end of his journey to the other side of the world. His military family was on its way to Dad's new assignment in Europe. He knew this move was different. He would never be the same person once he reached that distant shore. His entire world would be changed. He could hardly wait Bernard sat in the C-130 Jumbo Prop aircraft as it struggled to get off the ground. He had to remain positive. He couldn't allow himself to get down. He had survived so many challenges already. Now it was time to move on. Time to get a fresh start. Bernard braced himself for the launch."

A Look Back in Time...follows our military kid as he navigates his early teen years in Germany. We watch him make new friends and share in his excitement as he gets to know the German and American youth. We are captivated by his adventures and root for him to conquer his fears. Will Bernard find the fresh start he is looking for, or will his fears of disappointing those who depend on him follow him to the new land? You will love the ups and downs of A Look Back in Time. The stories will warm your heart, capture your imagination, and leave you breathless from the moment Bernard arrives in Deutschland

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ISBN: 9780999557624
ISBN-10: 0999557629
Publisher: Bernard N Lee, Jr
Publication Date: April 12th, 2021
Pages: 268
Language: English