Cobblestone Cats - Puerto Rico: The Cats of Old San Juan (2nd ed.) (Hardcover)

Cobblestone Cats - Puerto Rico: The Cats of Old San Juan (2nd ed.) Cover Image
By Alan Panattoni (Created by)
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Old San Juan is the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico and it sits on a narrow bluff with the Atlantic Ocean to the north and San Juan Bay to the south. The old city is a modest eight by eight blocks and rest about 100 feet above the ocean. The city is enclosed by massive walls and has notable forts at its endpoints that were constructed during Spanish colonial rule. Today Old San Juan is vibrant with an abundance of shops, restaurants and cafes, historic sites and tree-shaded plaza. It is characterized by narrow blue cobblestone streets, beautiful Spanish colonial architecture and, of course, its cats.

The cats of Old San Juan are as much apart of the city as the residents that call it home or the wave of tourist that crowd it. While visiting the old city you will encounter many cats, peeking out from beneath a car or scaring across the cobblestones. The cats weave their way through the narrows, people, cars, and cracks in doorways; entrances into abandon buildings that provide shelter. From the shadows and gutters they dart, crossing the cobblestones in pursuit of a resident pigeon or their nemesis - the rodent. The cats are fed and cared for by many dedicated town residents and the local shelter Save a Gato. Save a Gato will trap, neuter and release to help control the cat population, as well as, find homes for the cats through their adoption program.

The Cats of Old San Juan are documented through these pages...........Enjoy

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