Snout About Town: A Tale for Precocious Canines and Their Personal Assistants (Paperback)

Snout About Town: A Tale for Precocious Canines and Their Personal Assistants Cover Image
By Petrine Day Mitchum, Russell Jones (Illustrator), Peggy Lindt (Designed by)
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Buster Keaton Browne (BKB) is a mischievous young shelter dog who is adopted by the mysterious, glamorous movie star, Lady B. They live the high life at the Famous Fabulous Hollywood Towers where BKB's personal assistant Maggie tends to his every need. Buster spends his days sniffing the best shrubbery in Beverly Hills, consulting his psychic, being analyzed by his shrink, learning French from the doorman, chewing only designer shoes and romping in the Malibu seaweed with his best friend, Shiloh. Of course, Lady B's personal chef Charlie makes special gourmet meals for everyone, including BKB. Buster's nemesis is Mrs. Guterman, the grumpy widow who lives alone in the penthouse. He is certain she can become a nicer person - if only she would open her heart to a dog.

Buster dreams of stardom and gets his big break when he guest stars in a movie with Lady B. When Lady B. is nominated for a Bald Guy Gold Statue, Buster accompanies her to the awards ceremony. An encounter with a homeless dog on the Red Rug becomes a life-changing experience...

For dog lovers of all ages, "Snout About Town" will warm your heart and tickle your fancy.... A portion of all sales will benefit shelter dogs who hope to follow in BKB's paw prints.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780692931738
ISBN-10: 0692931732
Publisher: Petrine Day Mitchum
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2017
Pages: 74
Language: English