For Authors

Stocking a book or booking an event at Flyleaf

If you are a community member with an event idea, please skip to the end for contact info

Congratulations on your new book! And thank you for your interest in having Flyleaf carry it or host a reading. Please understand we evaluate tens of thousands of new books every year and field hundreds of event requests. Here are the guidelines we use when evaluating all books:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Its content must be pertinent to our community
  • It must be newly published, ideally we learn about it 2-4 months before publication
  • It must be packaged properly: We look at price, writing & editing quality, cover design, binding, and the general quality of packaging. No spiral binding or blank spines.
  • We do not stock or hold events for books published through Amazon, e.g. CreateSpace.

If we decide to go forward:

  • Sourcing: If your book’s publisher is someone we do not regularly work with, we will take the book on Consignment.Please review the rest of this page and the consignment form linked to at the bottom of this page.
  • Sourcing via a wholesaler like Ingram is preferred to a consignment agreement.
  • If the book is available at Ingram Book Co, it must be offered at Regular Discount, Returnable, stocked at the PA or TN warehouses, with reasonable inventory on hand. 

Events: (please note these terms are for unsolicited author events with books published by publishers we do not have a regular business relationship with. Please do email us if you have questions. We will make every effort to work with you to make your event an enjoyable, viable joint business venture)

  • We host readings at 7pm Monday through Thursday evenings. For a reading & signing in the months of January, February, March, July and August there is a non-refundable $150 event fee.  This fee is $250 in April, May, June, September and October. We do not book unsolicited events in November and December.
  • If you decide to go ahead with an event, please understand:
    • The booking fee is non-refundable and must be paid before the date is confirmed and any promotion begins from Flyleaf.
    • Promotion: We expect the author to promote this event to all their contacts and to the target audience of the book.  In return, Flyleaf will do the same; promoting in-store, online, in social media as well as submit details to event listings. We can also create a pdf flyer for you to send electronically and/or print out.
    • We have more information on format and time schedule for events, but know we will have the room set up with chairs, podium, microphone and signing table. We have a projector and screen and can help you hook up your laptop for a presentation. We will give a welcome and an introduction for your event, and help you with the signing.

If you feel your book fits these requirements:

Please review the consignment form attached to the bottom of this page and send an email to our consignment manager, Lane Jacobson. Include in the email either a link to or attachments with information on the book, author and publisher. It’s important we receive the request via email and can evaluate the request on our own schedule.  Thanks for understanding we cannot handle phone calls or drop-in visits. Unsolicited samples dropped off or mailed will be recycled. 

For event requests, please email our events manager, Amanda Ibarra.

We’re very sorry for these rather harsh guidelines, but due to the volume of requests we find it necessary to be up front about all the potential sticking points.

Additional information: