About Flyleaf Books

Jamie and Michael Fiocco founded Flyleaf Books in November 2009. Long-time Chapel Hillians (Jamie is an alum of Carrboro Elementary, Culbreth, and Chapel Hill High), they met on the soccer field and set their first date after discussing a book. Jamie spent fifteen years in book publishing, primarily in international sales, and moved to full-time bookselling after a holiday season at an independent bookstore. Michael is a partner at Civil Consultants Inc., but he's known for his signing-line skills at author events.

Flyleaf’s professional booksellers are a team of smart, kind people who love to problem-solve and connect with community members. We can help you find a book or gift for your mom, your partner, your neighbor, your child, or yourself!

At Flyleaf, we strive to practice inclusiveness and acceptance for anyone who walks through our door, both guests and staff alike, and acknowledge this is an ongoing process of listening and learning. Our goal is to provide a warm, cozy space where folks can access speakers, ideas, and community; foster constructive discussions; and share a mutual love of books and reading. We also work beyond the walls of our store: We bring authors on school visits, partner with local organizations to broaden book access, and work closely with local educators and librarians to build their collections.

We love to go the extra mile and make good things happen, from personalized copies by our amazing local authors to fun and free events every week. What can we do for you today?