The Carolina Book


Across more than 450 pages, Carolina showcases America’s first institution of public higher education, one of the nation’s most beautiful, esteemed campuses.

Hand-bound in light gray leather, with a Carolina Blue leather slip case, Carolina considers classic views of the University, hand-selected from the archives, and simultaneously offers new, contemporary vantage points of “the University of the people” to capture UNC's unique campus spirit in a stunning work of art.

Carolina is a celebration of the experience that transcends generations of Tar Heels. It visually chronicles the physical journey to Chapel Hill — the approach from surrounding rural areas, the arrival to the quaint and energetic Franklin Street, and the entrance onto the iconic campus — and the emotional and intellectual journey that students take once on campus — from the thrill of moving into a dorm room in 100-degree heat to transformative classroom experiences, from the excitement of a win against Duke at the Dean Dome to reflective moments in Kenan Stadium during commencement.

Like taking a sip from the Old Well on the first day of classes, basking in the Carolina moonlight of a crisp October night, or rushing Franklin Street after a national championship win, Carolina is sure to captivate the heart and stir the soul of any Tar Heel.

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College Green
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