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Start: 4:30 pm
Tue 2/19 4:30pm-6pm (ticketed) UNC Humanities:  Spotlight on Scholars   The Case of the Wilmington Ten: Legal Repression and Black Political Action in the 1970s Kenneth Janken, Professor of African and Afro-American Studies   In 1972, police arrested the Wilmington Ten, a group of young African Americans, for crimes committed during unrest instigated by the local Rights of White People organization’s protests against school desegregation. They were put on trial, convicted on perjured testimony solicited by the prosecution, and sentenced to 282 years in prison. Kenneth Janken considers the violence that surrounded school desegregation in North Carolina in the 1970s, the connections between the events in Wilmington and civil rights struggles across the state, the efforts of the State of North Carolina to suppress the Black Freedom Struggle, and the national and international campaign to free the Wilmington Ten.   The Program in the Humanities and Human Values, a unit of the College of Arts and Sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill, offers engaging and innovative public seminars and lectures on a variety of topics and themes throughout the year. Our programs draw upon the humanities to nurture a deeper understanding of history and culture, enrich the life of the mind, and contribute to the development of a more humane world.   Spotlight on Scholars is our newest program exemplifying the diversity of scholarship at Carolina. Developed in collaboration with the General Alumni Association, these sessions will feature UNC-Chapel Hill faculty discussing their recent work—their new books or newest scholarly passion. Come find out what the University’s scholars are writing and thinking about and join in the discussion.  Spotlight on Scholars events take place on Tuesdays from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. at Flyleaf. There are no preparatory readings for Spotlight on Scholars events.   Program Tuition: Register ahead of time and pay $18.00 per program or pay only $8 if you are a member of the UNC General Alumni Association (GAA). To check your membership status or to join the GAA, please visit or call 800.962.0742. GAA membership is open to all UNC alumni and friends. Tuition is $20.00 for everyone paying at the door. Advance registrants can take advantage of our special FLYLEAF SEASON PASS – register for all 8 events (4 Spotlight on Scholars lectures and 4 Humanities in Action lectures) for $100.00 ($50.00 for GAA members).   For all questions and to register, please call 919-962-1544 or go online at
Start: 7:00 pm
Tue 2/19 7pm-8pm Brian Hare, The Genius of Dogs: How Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think Brian Hare, dog researcher, evolutionary anthropologist, and founder of the Duke Canine Cognition Center, and Vanessa Woods (author of Bonobo Handshake) offer revolutionary new insights into dog intelligence and the interior lives of our smartest pets. In the past decade, we have learned more about how dogs think than in the last century. Breakthroughs in cognitive science, pioneered by Brian Hare have proven dogs have a kind of genius for getting along with people that is unique in the animal kingdom.   Brian Hare is a professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke University, where he founded the Duke Canine Cognition Center. Co-author Vanessa Woods is a research scientist at the center as well as an award-winning journalist and the author of Bonobo Handshake. Hare and Woods are married and live in North Carolina.            
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