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Start: 7:00 pm
Fri 11/2 7pm-8pm Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton talks about his new book Farewell Forever, Old Road to Durham: Lessons from the History of Transportation Planning in the NC Piedmont   Farewell Forever, Old Road to Durham is the story of the State University Railroad spur, which spawned the Town of Carrboro, NC.  In juxtaposition with this story, this book presents A Tolerable Bateau Navigation, the story of the Haw and Deep River navigation Company, which was later renamed the Cape Fear Navigation Company. Throughout their 85 year history, these two companies experienced one financial disaster after another due to poor planning and a failure to appreciate the changing circumstances of the American economy.  The two stories are presented for comparison and contrast between a successful and an unsuccessful effort to alter the transportation infrastructure of the North Carolina piedmont in the 19th century.   Mark Chilton, Mayor of Carrboro, has been involved in transportation planning in Chapel Hill and Carrboro for 21 years.    
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