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Start: 3:30 pm
Wed 2/29 3:30pm- 5pm  UNC Humanities in Action at Flyleaf: 2012 Election Season Essentials Presented by: Tom Carsey, Thomas J. Pearsall Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Director, Odum Institute for Research in Social Science UNC Humanities kicks off their 2012 Election Series by inviting distinguished scholar Tom Carsey back to Humanities in Action to get us up to speed with some of the polling data and trends that will inform the 2012 national elections. This is your chance to review the field and make some sense of the whirlwind of information (and misinformation) that will dominate the news cycle all year long.  This will be the first of our Election Series Humanities in Action event. Look for more in summer and fall 2012. Register online at or call (919) 962-1544. The Humanities in Action program is UNC Humanities’ homage to the tradition of civic humanism. Renaissance civic humanists believed that knowledge could forge a moral community. Humanities in Action events honor this tradition by encouraging our audience to apply what they learn to their civic life. Come engage with contemporary and potentially controversial topics in a welcoming environment. These sessions are offered in collaboration with the General Alumni Association. All Humanities in Action events take place at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill. Most are from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. with the exception of our presentations on February 22 and March 28, which will run from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. There are no preparatory readings for Humanities in Action events. Program Tuition: Register ahead of time and pay $18.00 per program or pay only $8 if you are a member of the UNC General Alumni Association (GAA). To check your membership status or to join the GAA, please visit or call 800.962.0742. Tuition is $20.00 for everyone paying at the door.    
Start: 7:00 pm
Wed 2/29 7pm-8pm Orin Starn discusses The Passion of Tiger Woods: An Anthropologist Reports on Golf, Race, and Celebrity Scandal “Orin Starn’s excellent examination of Tiger Woods offers deep insight, original thinking, and valuable new perspectives. This book tells us a lot about Tiger, but even more about ourselves.”—Jaime Diaz, senior writer, Golf Digest   Perhaps the best golfer ever, Tiger Woods rocketed to the top of a once whites-only sport. Endorsements made him a global brand and the world’s richest athlete. The child of a multiracial marriage, Woods and his blond, blue-eyed wife, Elin Nordegren, seemed to represent a new postracial America. Then, in late 2009, Woods became embroiled in a sex scandal that made headlines worldwide. In this concise yet far-reaching analysis, Orin Starn brings an anthropologist’s perspective to bear on Tigergate. He explores our modern media obsession with celebrity scandals and their tawdry ritualized drama, yet he offers much more than the usual banal moralizing about the rich and famous. Starn explains how Tiger’s travails and the culture of golf reflect broader American anxieties—about race and sex, scapegoating and betrayal, and the role of the sports hero.   Orin Starn is Professor and Chair of Cultural Anthropology at Duke University. He is the author of several books, the most recent the award-winning Ishi’s Brain: In Search of America’s Last “Wild” Indian. An avid golfer with a five handicap, Starn has written about golf for the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers and provided commentary on ESPN and NPR. He blogs about golf at and regularly teaches a course about sports and society.        
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