Book Club Book Ordering Guidelines

New Book Club Guidelines- May 2012

Hello Book Clubbers!

If you're looking to join a club that meets at Flyleaf, go to Flyleaf Book Lover's Club meetup page:

Book Lovers is a casual book club that meets monthly to discuss contemporary fiction or nonfiction. To RSVP, participate in discussions, or vote for future titles online, please visit our meetup page




If you have a club that meets elsewhere and would like help ordering your books, read on:

We've changed our book club guidelines to allow for more spontaneity and flexibility, because we will now be able to get most books within a few days. Plus, when the books are ordered they'll be held behind the counter especially for you.

There are, as always, exceptions for books that we must order through the publisher or that are backordered, but the few day rule generally applies.

The 20% discount still applies. 


What's New: 

A minimum of three copies of the book must be ordered, and all copies must be purchased and picked up at the same time.  For example, if a club needs nine books, they can special order three groups of three or just simply order nine and have one person pay and pick up all nine.

We no longer need to register book club names.  We will just put the books under the name of the member who places the order or who will be picking them up.  It’s not important as long as the person picking up the books knows what name the order is under.  Please mention when you call that it is a book club order so that the discount is applied. 


Please feel free call or email us with any questions you may have!


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