For Authors

Stocking a book or booking an event at Flyleaf Books

Thank you for your interest in Flyleaf Books carrying your book or hosting an event. We appreciate the time and effort you have expended and know if it’s not a fit for Flyleaf it’s probably a perfect fit somewhere else.

Below are some guidelines we’ve developed to work with unsolicited book stocking and event requests. There is a fine line between the art and the business of selling books and while we feel a responsibility to help new authors and publishers get a foothold, we must be very careful about following our business goals so we can be here for many years to come. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


  • The book and its content must be pertinent to our community
  • The book must be newly published, ideally no more than 6 months old
  • The book must be packaged properly: We look at price, writing & editing quality, cover design, binding, and the general packaging. We do not accept books that do not have the title and author on the spine (no spiral binding)
  • The  author/publisher website must link to www.flyleafbooks (dot)com or www.indiebound (dot)com   
  • Sales terms: 40% discount, we do not pay shipping or handling fees and the books need to be fully returnable.  We do not buy from third parties unless it’s available at Ingram Book Company (regular discount, returnable, PA or TN warehouses).
  • We take the books on consignment and will review the sales quarterly.  In our experience, many self-publishing outfits do not allow for reseller discounts, so please decide in whether you are willing to take a loss on supplying the books. We do not carry books published through Amazon.


  • > For a reading & signing in the months of January, February, March, July and August there is a non-refundable $150 event fee.  We are not booking unsolicited events in April, May, June, September, October, November and December.
  • If you decide to go ahead with an event, please understand:
    • The $150 booking fee is non-refundable and must be paid before any promotion begins from Flyleaf
    • Promotion: We expect the author to aggressively promote this event to all their contacts and to the target audience of the book.  In return, Flyleaf will promote in-store, online, in our electronic media as well as submit details to online and print event listings.  
  • Availability of books: if the books are not available at Ingram Book Company at regular bookseller terms, the author will need to supply the books on consignment. 
  • Alternatively, you are invited to be part of our Author Expo on Saturday Sept 12th 2015 from 11am-2pm. The fee is $10 per featured title.   We are accepting a limited number of regional authors (approximately 25) to be featured in this event.  We will promote this event heavily to the media and to our customers, both online and in print, and there will be no charge for the public to attend.   As part of the Author Expo you will have table space in our events room during the Expo and will be able to talk to attendees about your book. There will be no readings, but signings will be encouraged and you can hand out materials or freebies to promote your book. Flyleaf will sell up to three of your titles through our register.

If you feel your book fits these requirements:

Send an email to: Jamie Fiocco jamie (at) Include in the email either a link to or attachments with information on the book, author and publisher. It’s important we receive the request via email and can evaluate the request on our own schedule.  We just don’t have the staff to handle phone calls and drop-ins.  Unsolicited samples dropped off or mailed will be recycled.  We’re very sorry for these rather harsh guidelines, but thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Consultation: If you would like our professional opinion on a book or project, we can set up an appointment with one of the Flyleaf owners for a consultation. The fee is $100/hour and appointments can be booked in 15 minute increments. We also host a number of free and fee-based writing and publishing workshops at the store, or can refer you to local book industry professionals who work on a consulting basis.

Additional information: